Top Tip’s to Help Your Leaflets or Flyers Stand Out From the Crowd

When running a business and building a marketing campaign it is essential to make your company stand out from the competition. This article is designed to help you get the best from your leaflet’s or flyer’s.

When used correctly flyers are a great way to reach new and existing clients, keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind and showcasing your company or product. However some companies or products can let themselves down when it comes to producing printed material. It may sound like a cliche but “First Impressions Count” and many people overlook this fact when it comes to planning and designing their printed material. They maybe overlooked to save time and costs but creating something that will draw a potential customers attention is a lot easier than you may think. See our top tip’s below for making your flyer’s or leaflets stand out from the crowd.


It is crucial not to rush into creating the content for your flyer. Remember this is the information that will be used by potential customers to judge your companies professionalism and value. If you don’t get it right then there is more chance your customer will seek another company and overlook yours altogether.

So the first question you need to ask yourself is “what do I want my potential customers to know about my product or service?” The first things that come to mind will probably be company name, contact details and website. Now comes the tricky part, it is important to provide your customer with key pieces of information without overloading them with too much waffle. Your companies history is important to you but does your customer care about this? Unless your company is offering a storage solution do they care how big your premises are or how many members of staff you have? The simple answer is no. Your customers want to know “what makes your company different?” or “how your company or product can help them succeed.”
It is vital that you look through the eyes of your customer and think about what they may want to see included in your flyer. Below is a checklist which should help you in the initial stages of planning the content of your flyer.

CONTENT: Brainstorm some ideas, it is often useful to do this with an employee, colleague, friend or family member. In some cases I believe it can be more beneficial to brainstorm with someone who isn’t involved with your company. This will help you gain a perspective from somebody that isn’t familiar with the product or service you offer. Tell them about the product or service you are trying to sell and then ask them to write down 5 questions they feel they would need to know before making a purchase or contacting your company. This is an interesting exercise as more often than not they will ask a question  you may not even have considered including in your marketing content. Try to come up with ways of answering these questions within your flyer / leaflet.

COMPANY BRANDING: So you have spent your hard earned cash setting up a company or organising an event and you are close to parting with more money to print some flyers and marketing material. You need to make sure your company branding is on key. At the stage of producing paper print most people would already have created a company logo and brand, however if you haven’t it is probably a very good idea to do so before printing a batch of flyers or leaflets. See our blog “what makes a good logo design?”

SIZE: Now you have the content of your flyer sorted it is time to think about the size of flyer you need to ensure you portray your message clearly and professionally. You may have already had a flyer size in mind before you finalised your content. If so ask yourselves some questions “will the content I have created fit nicely on to the flyer?” A beautifully designed flyer will incorporate space and will not include lots of text bundled close together. Standard size flyers are listed below. If you feel your flyer will look too cluttered, try increasing the size of the flyer or reducing some of your content.

A4 – 210 x 297mm
A5 – 148 x 210mm (Half the size of A4)
A6 – 105 x 148mm (Half the size of A5)
DL – 99 x 210mm (1/3 size of A4)

PAPER: Another way to stand out from your competition is by choosing a higher grade of paper. Most takeaway leaflets that are posted through your door will be printed on a 135gsm gloss / silk. This weight of paper is fine but does it add value to your company? Does 135gsm paper add the wow factor? It doesn’t cost as much as you may think to increase your paper weight to 170gsm or even better 250gsm. A 250gsm flyer gives the feel of a very high quality flyer / leaflet and adds depth to the visual representation. Further down the line you can find textured paper and coloured paper help your flyer stand out.


PHOTOS: Customers respond well to photo’s. They draw the eye and help bring an extra dimension to your printed material. However a pixelated poor quality photograph can deter customers from using your services altogether. Try to use photo’s with interesting angles or perspective, avoid using straight on boring photo’s. Try to draw your potential clients to your company by using imaginative photo’s. Another way to deter your customers is to use low resolution pixelated images. In my opinion there is no excuse in the digital age to be using poor quality imagery. Most smart phones these days can produce good photo’s. However a mistake a lot people make is pulling images from the web or Facebook. When photo’s are uploaded to sites the file size and quality is reduced to ensure the photo fits into the page. This is also the case if you use Whattsapp or other chat platforms to send files. Try to upload original photo’s directly from your camera to Google Drive, Dropbox or by email. Please note that photo’s from a phone will work well on smaller printed items, such as flyers, business cards and smaller posters but for large exhibition stands, signage, roller banners and other large printed items you would be best of investing in a DSLR camera. Since we have started using a DSLR camera for our marketing campaigns and product photo’s we have had a much higher roi than when we were using phone pics.

camera TOP TIP: Always try to take as many photo’s as possible within your business, you never know when they might come in handy! Try using interesting angles and use your imagination, an interesting photo will add life to your printed material.

DESIGN: So you have your decided on your content, chosen a suitable size, picked your paper and found the perfect imagery to compliment your leaflet. Now comes the design itself. There are 3 ways to design your artwork:

1. Rush through it and design it on Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.
2. Pay a professional designer to create your artwork for you.
3. Take a little more time and design the artwork yourself.

After all the planning you have put into your flyer it would be a shame to choose option 1. Your content, imagery and paper choices could be fantastic but if the final design / artwork doesn’t match the professional content you have wasted your time. A poorly laid out design will ruin the visual affect your flyer can have on the customer, they may not even take time to read a poorly designed flyer potentially losing a customer to one of your competitors.

You need to choose option 2 or option 3. Professional designers can be expensive but if you hire the right designer you will be amazed at the results. Graphic designers have expert knowledge in setting up print ready artwork and ensuring the item is in high resolution, improving the quality of the print dramatically. They also tend to use powerful and expensive design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. These programs give the designer scope to create some amazing looking flyers. If you need help with design please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of designers will be more than happy to help. Our design packages start at only £30.00 and our designers have worked with some of Europe’s biggest companies.

If you feel creative and want to save money, why not try and design the flyer yourself? We have a couple of great blogs to guide you through the process, advise on free programs to use and guide you through setting up print ready artwork. see our “blog “basic guide to designing print ready leaflets / flyer”

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