Tech News Of The Week!


Apple Reveals Self-Driving Car Plans

Our first tech news is Apple’s announcement that they are finally investing into self driven cars.
The plan is to work together with other companies to design the best car
possible. The tech firm has already registered several car-related internet
domains, including and’
Would you guys look to purchase an Apple Car future?!


End of the supermarket queue? Amazon opens futuristic shop with no tills or cashiers 

‘The internet retailer has opened a grocery store in which shoppers only have to
scan their smartphone upon entry, with purchases automatically charged to a
credit card when they leave the store.’

The stores are named ‘Amazon Go’ and use machine sensors to identify which
customer has taken the product from the shelf.
Could this tech development be the future for supermarkets?


Earth heading for 25-hour day as orbit slows

An article released by Sky shows that days are due to get longer in the future to 25 hours.
‘Over the past 27 centuries, the average day has lengthened at a rate of almost two milliseconds (ms)
per century.’
An interesting article however it does mention that this will take over 200 million years before
an extra hour occurs in the day. So a while to wait at the moment!