What Makes a Good Logo Design?

Over the years logo’s have come a long way. At first logo’s were developed and created as business tools. Since the early days logo’s have become an integral part of a company brand and identification. Many of todays top companies are instantly recognisable from a very simple logo. Look at the Nike swoosh or Sony.

Companies marketing strategies, business cards, letterheads, web pages change to keep up with the times. However a great logo remains timeless, subtle changes are sometimes made throughout the years however the basic concept often remains the same.

A company logo must be practical, it needs to work both in small and large sizes, in black-and-white and in colour, translate well across a broad spectrum of media and also hold the possibility of animation. It is important a company logo also reflects the brand, a logo can communicate a message. This message could be elegance, friendliness or even a business aspiration.

There are 4 basic principles to consider when creating a logo

Simple & Memorable
Keep your logo simple. Logo’s are much more memorable for potential and existing customers if they are instantly recognisable. It should only take a person a split second to remember your logo. Try to avoid fonts that are difficult to read quickly and intricate illustrations.

Make sure your logo corresponds with your brand and target audience. For example if your company is a law firm or high end retailer it is advisable not to use childish fonts and colours. Also remember that your logo does not need to show what your company sells or offers as a service. From the top 50 brands in the World (2009) 94% of them have no reference to the services or products they offer.

Will your logo still be effective in 20 years time? When creating logo ensure that you don’t tailor your creation around current fashions. Try to incorporate classic designs that will hold there own in years to come. Look at the Coca Cola logo, the logo has not changed since 1885 where as it’s competitors have changed their logo on numerous occasions. The logo is a major factor as to why Coca cola is the most recognisable brand in the World.

A logo will need to be used in a variety of mediums and applications. From business cards to large signage and exhibitions and even animated for tv adverts and videos. It is important to create your logo in vector format, this means you can resize the logo to any size you like without losing it’s resolution. A good logo should also be able to be used in vertical and horizontal formats.

Our logo design service
Logo design is crucial and if the design is good you should only need to do this once. That’s why time should be taken and the correct procedures should be in place to produce the right logo for your company. Our designers take time to speak to you about your company and any ideas you may have. We then proceed to design 3 concepts for you to look at and make any changes you may need. All of our designers have experience of working with companies from all over the World and time is taken to ensure your logo works for your company. Contact us for details craig@knightprintltd.co.uk