Customer Stories: Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes and an Exclusive Interview

When we decided to publish a blog highlighting some of our customers stories, the first customer’s that came to mind were Valeri and Christina from Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is a multi award winning cake company based in London. Since 2011 the company has gone from strength to strength. Valeri and Christina came across their talent by accident when they were searching online for a tutorial about making a Sunflower Cupcake for 2 friends. This was when they first fell in love with buttercream and they have never looked back.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes create stunning edible works of art using nothing else but buttercream. When you look at the detail and artistry involved with their cakes it is no surprise that they have featured in well known wedding and food blogs, local and international news, magazines, appeared in TV shows and showcased their masterpieces. They have also featured in some of the UK’s biggest exhibitions…… The National Wedding Show, The Cake International Show, The Cake and Bake Show, Squires Annual Sugarcraft Exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum and Experimental Food Society – Food Spectacular to name a few.
They have also won various prestigious cake competitions around the UK and take immense pride in the mastery of Buttercream Art.

Of course being masters of Buttercream Art draws lots of attention and Valeri and Christina are always asked lots of questions. Instead of keeping their cards close to their chests they have decided to share lots of tips and tricks through books and masterclasses. The books and courses can be purchased through their website – see the link at the bottom of this page

We were lucky enough to catch up with Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes and they kindly agreed answer our questions. We hope you enjoy their responses below.

1. We know your love of buttercream art came from an online Sunflower Cupcake tutorial…….. Did you both create this cake and if so how did it turn out?

-Yes we did. We used a resealable bag as the piping bag and reinforced the
corner of the bag to use as a piping tip. The ladybird is not edible though..because we used permanent marker for the details because we did not have black food colour at that time. It’s all for picture purposes! Haha




2. From looking at the photo’s of your cakes I notice there is an astonishing amount of detail. Some of you cakes are huge….. How do you plan before you start creating these amazing cakes?



-We have about 12k plus photos on our phones. Wherever we go, we take photos of anything nice like wallpapers, fabrics, dresses, cushions, etc. and that is where we get our inspirations from. So when we are planning new designs, we just browse through some of our photos and we put them together.






3. Your work is extremely artistic, before making cakes did you both have a keen interest in art?

-We are very appreciative of different forms of art like painting, carving, clay art, glass art but we never had a chance to try any of it at all. We are not even good in drawing or painting or any of it..but once we have the design in our minds and we know what we want to do, we can translate it into a cake. But if we were to sketch our ideas, it’s always unrecognisable! Lol

4. I know you have a passion for buttercream art and all of your cakes are unique. But do you both have a personal favourite?

-Our favourite would still be our Stained Glass Art Cakes because they are so elegant and intricate.

5. Do you both work together when creating cakes or do you work individually?

-We work individually and we have a rule that no one touches another’s cake specially in moving and transporting so no one else is to blame for any damage but ourselves. Haha

6. Your cakes have such high detail they must take an extremely long time to create. Which cake took the longest to create?

-This is our 6ft tall cake that took us about 65 hours to finish..





-This is our 8ft tall cake that took us almost 100hours to finish…




-but on our recent Cake Show in November 2015, we turned our stand into a mini garden and even though it wasn’t a single tall cake, it took us almost 200hours to finish all nearly 50 cake pots in 100% Buttercream. (Also took us the whole day to setup)

We have been producing leaflets, business cards, signage and exhibition stands for QOH for a few years now and their passion, attention to detail and friendliness is second to none. I often speak to Valeri on the phone and it is an absolute pleasure, the artwork she produces is fantastic and it is always exciting to print her products. Although she doesn’t always give us much time to produce her jobs 😉

View Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes website here

Take a look at Queen of Hearts Youtube Channel here

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