KnightPrint Personnel

KnightPrint was established in 2007 by the two directors Mike Knight and Sean Winterbourne. Since that time Mike and Sean’s passion for print and design has helped the company gain a great reputation for exceptional service, quality and value for money.

Both directors have been involved with print and design their whole working career. Their knowledge and expertise would be a great asset for any company.

At KnightPrint we are very lucky to have a fantastic team behind us. Our extremely creative and talented design team of Simon, Jay, Soph and Loz have vast experience working with major blue chip companies, restaurants and small businesses, creating everything from business cards to full scale marketing campaigns.

We also have a hard working and dedicated print production team who ensure that every job is printed on deadline and to the correct specifications. Once a job is printed it is then passed onto our highly proficient finishing team, all of whom have been involved with print finishing for many years, ensuring each job is finished to the very high standards expected by our clients. We also employ an in house courier, who works hard travelling around the UK ensuring your job arrives on time and in perfect condition.

With KnightPrint you can be assured that your job will be handled with care and attention by an extremely dedicated and knowledgable team of professionals.