5 Reasons Why Conor McGregor Will Beat Floyd Mayweather On Saturday Night

The most anticipated fight of the year takes place this Saturday night in the T-Mobile arena on the Vegas Strip. The fight has people talking from all walks of life and has many people split on who they believe will win. The favourite among the public is McGregor however a Mayweather win is expected among the bookies. Here is our 5 reasons on why Conor ‘the notorious’ McGregor will take the fighting world by storm yet again this weekend.


In January 2015 Conor was collecting social welfare benefits in Dublin, now he is one of the best fighters in the history of the fighting world. He is no stranger to facing adversity and has faced the underdog label in not just the cage but also in life itself. He said himself he’s been doubted in everything he’s ever achieved and that ‘the sound of laughter and the sound of doubt motivates me’ this weekend will be no different. Conor started developing his fighting talent at the age of 12 boxing at Crumlin boxing club and it was here where he learnt his deadly striking ability. It was not until 2008 Conor had his first MMA fight instead of the sole boxing focus.



This has all been all over the papers and the decision goes against all the advice given by experts. On the 16th of August the Nevada state commission granted both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather an exemption to fight with 8oz gloves instead of the recommended 10oz boxing gloves. Now you may think why would 2oz’s make a difference? The decision on the gloves makes the fight more dangerous for both fighters and an increase in a possible serious injury for one of these fighters say medical professionals and the association of ringside officials. They have even argued that this will lead to a serious career ending injury come Saturday night.

So why does this help Conor?

The lighter gloves increase McGregor’s chances of landing that one combination knockout blow which we have become accustomed to through his UFC victories. What people forget is it only takes one combination of punches to end a fight within seconds and when Mayweather looses  concentration for one moment McGregor will start his boxing career with a knockout win.



There are a variety of legends within the sport that do sway towards McGregor and note that he shouldn’t be ruled out.

Tyson Fury commented that “I think McGregor will knock him out within 35 seconds like he did Jose Aldo. I think he’ll do him inside one round.”

Dominick Cruz stated that “his best shot is within 6 rounds, there’s a real chance for Conor within 6 rounds.”

Anthony Joshua mentioned “You never know in sport and that’s why people watch it, because its unpredictable.” and went on to say “Yeah (I give McGregor a chance) everyone poses a threat, so I definitely give him a chance.”

Chris Eubank spoke on the Irish spirit and goes on to say “it is possible, that Mayweather Jr has taken his eye off the target. What is he fighting? You’re not fighting an MMA fighter. You’re not fighting a guy who is limited in professional boxing, you’re fighting an Irishman.”

Others have also come out favouring McGregor on saturday night including Gennady Golovkin who believes McGregor has a real chance, Dana White & Brendan Schlub.



People underestimate the preperation the McGregor camp have gone through in order to be ready on fight night! Conor has had a heavy focus on using  conventional training methods, an example being strenuous exercises in a specialised hydrotherapy pool. Now this may seem a farcry from the typical mountainside/hill jogging that boxers use to prepare for their fights but it has been proven to give athletes a high intensity workout while maintaining cardiovascular endurance. This basically means it will allow McGregor to move in all directions but without the significant joint impact that he would experience performing similar movements on land.




As silly as this sounds Floyd Mayweather is in fact a human being. People do not seem to realise this, the fight is between two men in a ring and anything can happen. Mayweather has had numerous scares in the ring in the past. From Maidana having a destructive session on Floyd, being stunned many times by DeMarcus Corley and American boxer Shane Mosley was so close to finishing Mayweather off in their fight in Vegas.

Who do you think will win this Saturday? In a fight that will surely go down in history whichever fighter comes out victorious!

I believe Conor ‘the notorious’ McGregor will win within 4 rounds through KO/TKO as he even said himself Mayweather ‘will be unconscious within 4 rounds, the movement, the power and the ferociousness’ and this will be proven on Saturday night.