5 Great Printed Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with various advertising campaigns and many are passed without a second glance. As more and more advertising is displayed in a variety of different media it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to advertise a product or brand and ensure maximum ROI.

With some companies spending millions of pounds in an attempt to wow potential customers, sometimes it is the simple ideas that have the maximum impact. Below are 5 of our favourite printed guerrilla marketing campaigns that wouldn’t cost the Earth. Of course each of the below can be produced by ourselves at Knightprint Management.

Swiss Skydive

Look away if you are scared of heights! This fantastic marketing campaign consisted of a simple floor vinyl sticker placed inside a lift. Minimum cost, maximum impact.









Sometimes simple is key and Duracell came up trumps with this simple clever marketing campaign. An extremely cost effective campaign by simply using die cut outdoor vinyl stickers. Strategically placed on public transport and billboards. Also see below an image of a bus powered by Duracell.  Campaigns like the below are useful as many people take photo’s and share via various social media outlets. Often clever marketing campaigns can go viral and increase the projected ROI.













Strategically placed die cut book mark figures created a storm when the Samaritans placed them in supermarkets, libraries and convenience stores. The target audience being students, housewives and retirees. The figures showed people in distress and highlighted that these people can be found in everyday life. Again a very cost effective marketing campaign.








In today’s hectic world sometimes the way to catch somebodies attention is to show them something that is not pleasant, but is however humorous. Exactly what Kleenex accomplished with the below campaign. Simple printed stickers resembling a nose placed on soap dispensers.









2012 – Movie Marketing Campaign

If all else fails make your campaign unmissable. For the movie 2012 huge backdrops were printed and placed in public walk ways, creating a movie themed experience. Floor stickers were also used to make the visual extravaganza take on a 3d effect.







The above examples can all be produced for you by Knightprint Management. We love working on projects like these and all can be produced at lower prices than you may think. Our marketing and creative team can work alongside you to create campaigns which are sure to turn heads and increase brand awareness.

For a free quotation or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01635 863017 or email craig@kprintmanagement.co.uk